Great value, great education and great inspiration!!

Don’t worry if you can’t access one of my studio workshops, I have developed a range of online options that you can access from the comfort of your own home and studio.

Group sizes are limited  so that I can offer the required feedback and assistance along the way. Tuition will be via password protected blogposts, videos and emails. You will have the opportunity to chat with your fellow students online and share images of your work through a private Face book group.

You would be expected to have the necessary computer skills to access the internet, print files, respond to blog posts and up load images.

Accessible Silk Screen Printing starts on 16th March 2015 FULL DETAILS HERE

Developing Sketchbooks starts 4th May 2015 FULL DETAILS HERE

Drawing for Textiles starts 8th June 2015 FULL DETAILS HERE

The videos are brilliant – very clear and easy to follow. I found it was good to have all the information at hand when I needed it!

Although I would have liked to be able to do a workshop with other people around (always great to share ideas and experiences), this has been an invaluable alternative – I have certainly been able to take more time perhaps to consider what I have done before I make the next move, without knowing I have to complete it all by the end of the day, so I have probably spent more time on it than I would have done on a workshop. However, I have tried to treat it like one of your studio workshops and learn the techniques without getting bogged down in developing ideas at this stage. The course has been fantastic for this and I have been inspired by what I have learned – I had never done breakdown printing or used flour paste before, and I am wowed by them both – cant wait to develop them further.

It has been a great way to learn the techniques – I can’t think of any constructive criticism to give – it has been a well planned and structured programme and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. You mentioned the possibility of other online courses – I would be very interested in learning more!

Thank you very much for the wonderful stimulating ideas and a wealth of inspiration!

And another student said…

I was very drawn to doing an online course as I am a full time carer and time away from home for more than a few hours is just not an option. I have done several local workshops and whereas I enjoyed them thoroughly I never felt that I could get the full value out of them as the timespan was so short. I also enjoyed the fact that all the videos were available for some time after the final video had been delivered. It gave me a chance to go back and look again and absorb the information. Also, it was great working at home where I have all my supplies and could dabble a bit in any free moments I had during the day. It took me a little while to get ‘into the groove’ with the Facebook group, but once I did I was uploading every day. I was initially hesitant about putting work up, but in the end I just did. Who cares what anyone else thinks anyway, and Dionne is trained to pick out the good bits and comment favourably on them, so at least I’d get one nice comment! In the end I enjoyed that aspect of the course and looked forward to getting emails saying that someone had looked at my work. If they didn’t comment I decided that they were stunned into silence by the sight of such amazing work ! I was able to write notes into a ‘Pages’ document as I went along and included photos of my work. I’ll be able to add to this in the future, so I’ll have a real and virtual sketchbook at the same time. I really like to write things down and draw diagrams to remind me of processes that I am learning about and this online way of learning really suits me. I will definitely do more online courses in the future, it has been a very positive experience, thank you.

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